An Excellent Cryptocurrency Community!

Short answer,! Care to know why? Read on!

Whether you are new to cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, altcoins, trading, investing or doing morning calisthenics to the Vitalic is Dancing song, this is by far the best, one stop shop for all things crypto! Well, maybe not a one stop shop, because it’s a community that offers so much, you may want to jot down a few notes or add a few more websites to your favorites list and crypto personalities to your twitter feed.

For starters the pub is a community forum where you can learn and share a wealth of knowledge with other folks in the crypto community, or as they like to say the “Crypto Nation!” As you can see in the snipping below, you can learn about all the different crypto wallets, exchanges, news, events, there is a beginner help section and my favorite the B90X. The B90X is a 90 day or 90 segment, easy to follow course that will take you from zero to hero in all things Bitcoin! I suggest you do it, even if you already consider yourself a veteran in this space, you will learn something I am certain of that. I have been following this community for over a year now, however, I didn’t start posting until a couple of weeks ago so to most I am probably considered very new here. What I can say is the community is very welcoming and I truly get the feeling that they enjoy sharing what they know and helping out anyone who wants to learn about all things crypto! I really could write this entire post about the pub, however, this community offers so much more that I encourage you to go there yourself and check it out!


What more could they offer? Why of course! Coinpuffs is an excellent alternative to the popular (CMC) website. CMC gets the most traffic and therefore is the most sought after for coins to get listed on, however, that does not make it the best. CMC is a huge, slow moving machine that takes forever to list cryptocurrencies, frequently gets the supply incorrect and takes multiple weeks to fix errors with their listings. Coinpuffs lists nearly every single cryptocurrency project out there and therefore has a much more accurate view of what the total Bitcoin dominance compared to the entire crypto market is. Additionally, coinpuffs shows live trades for any crypto you are looking into. You are able to see live price movements and the exchanges where each trades are taking place. CMC is static and you will only see price changes or volume adjustments by refreshing the page. Below is a little snipping of the main coinpuffs page. I highly recommend checking it out, creating an account and tracking all your favorite cryptocurrencies on this excellent platform!


Guess what folks, I have only just gotten started on all this community has to offer!

If you’re like me, you don’t always have time to read articles, or scour through forums for information, you may have to listen to it while you are on your daily commute or maybe while at the gym doing your P90X while listening to the B90X course! If that’s you then you can listen to several news bits provided by Peter Saddington and several others who are active in the pub by heading over to their YouTube channel DCTV. Let me warn you though! If you are looking for a dry, boring experience this is not it! Prepare to be entertained! Peter, who I think is a genius, although he is very humble and would never admit that, is an excellent host on the DCTV channel! They do daily livestreams which are always entertaining, cover some current events in the crypto space, usually answer a few questions from those tuned in and you will usually get some logic dropped on ya a few times as well. As you can see from the snipping below, they recently had a livestream and you can see other members of the community contributing to the content as well.


Are you hungry for more great content this community has to offer? Good, cause there’s more! is their news reader platform that aggregates all the latest and trending news in the crypto space in an easy to navigate platform that saves you the time of going to each of these sites and searching for it yourself! An excellent one stop shop for Crypto News without a doubt! Snipping below!


Now, for one of my favorite platforms being provided by this community,! They are reshaping the crypto space, the social aspects of the community, ability to share trading information or watch it happen live by your favorite traders! No other social / exchange platform out there like this! Definitely check it out! The CEO is none other than John Saddington, who like Peter, helps grow the Crypto Nation community and is an active member throughout the platforms listed in this article. is still in beta testing at the moment but you can sign up to participate as soon as it goes live! Snipping below!


If that wasn’t enough already! If you become a part of this community, complete the B90X, have all your questions answered on their forums, have caught up with their YouTube channel and are still hungry for even more, you can join their patreon which gives you access to their discord server, beta testing their platforms, gets you more insight to trading, front seat to new videos that are not yet released to the public, such as interviews like the one Peter had with John McAfee last year! You can find it here on his BiteSizeBitcoin YouTube channel which, he still posts to pretty regularly, so it is also a good one to subscribe to for sure!

In conclusion, there is no better, more informed, eager to help community in the Crypto Nation! Learn how to trade, do your crypto taxes, learn how to mine, keep up to date with all things crypto, get behind the scenes, or front seat access to videos and beta testing their platforms, all by becoming a part of this community! So what are you waiting for? Head over to the pub but first, if you liked this article and think someone would benefit from learning about this great community, give it a “clap” share it, tweet it, retweet it, get the word out about!