Cryptophecy’s Trading Mentors

The YouTube channels below are, in my opinion, linked to the best resources for trading Crypto, learning to keep emotions in check, risk management and focusing on the data.

The Dog pound

This channel frequently has expert traders on and does podcast style interviews!

Trader mayne

This channel is filled with excellent tutorials and also overall market breakdowns and analysis.

crypto cred

This channel provides expert knowledge and great content with easy to understand price action TA.


Here are a few traders with their own styles that make excellent calls, share how they use their TA and provide content to help others become more successful traders!

@CryptoDonAlt @thearcanebear @CredibleCrypto @Trader_Dante @CryptoMichaelT @CryptoCred @Tradermayne @TheCryptoDog @ToneVays @trader1sz