MCT+ A Peer to Peer Crypto Trading Platform - A New Kind of Exchange

MCT+ A peer to peer cryptocurrency trading platform that supports trading pairs between any crypto that is traded on the exchange.  MCT+ also support private trades so that you can ensure the security of a trade by allowing their platform to facilitate the trade at the amount agreed without worrying about one of the parties not completing their side of the trade. 

But wait, there’s more!  In addition to being unique trading platform that offers services no other exchange, that I’m aware of, they also have their own cryptocurrency which can be traded on their platform.  Additionally, MCT+ has masternodes, which require 15k MCT staking to run one of their masternodes.  I personally have ran one of their masternodes for a few months now and it has been running smooth this entire time.  The folks in their discord are very quick to help and assist with any questions you may have with setting up a masternode.

If you are interested in MCT+ you can find them at, their exchange is or if you have any questions about the project, the exchange or setting up a masternode with them definitely check out there discord here.

They are currently going through a coin swap which should be finished in about a week. If you are a fan of low cap crypto projects this is an excellent platform to check out.  If not for accumulating, even just utilizing their private trade feature is excellent and much safer than some back alley feeling OTC channel in some random discord with someone you do not know.

I give MCT+ 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!  Their project is excellent, the community is active, their support is prompt and courteous, but most of all, the experience is fantastic.  The UI/UX of their exchange has improved drastically over the last few months and it was pretty good to start with!


I greatly look forward to what the future holds for this project!