Undervalued Crypto Gems

The following cryptocurrencies are projects that I believe are undervalued, offer either, something entirely new to the community, or simply do a better job at delivering something that is supposedly already available.



BLOC.money - In my opinion the most undervalued gem to date! Huge potential, solid team, excellent product, realistic roadmap, whitepaper and objectives going forward!


gem 2

MTC.plus is a very unique trading platform that facilitates peer to peer trading. Trades can be done both publicly or privately. If you are interested in this platform and a cryptocurrency that is POS, than look no further folks!


gem 3

No Longer a Gem. As with many crypto projects, they either exit scam, they run out of funds, they get hacked or just couldn’t follow through on their promises. Moondex is no more.


gem 4

Akroma is similar to Ethereum in that it is a project that offers smart contract and dapps. However, this project still has a lot of upside potential with a bright future. Akroma is doing things right! They already offer Masternodes with a POS model which Ethereum is striving to achieve but has yet to do so.