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Holy Smokes… an Aitheon Update..

Holy Smokes… an Aitheon Update..

The following is the exact update provided via .pdf on the Aitheon Telegram

Community Update: October 30, 2018

Hello Aitheon community,

We hope all of the community members are doing well. The contracts are taking a little bit longer than expected as the government we are working with is finalizing details.

The contract with the retail giant has been expanded and innovations are being protected through IP filings. The first facility is being identified for the rollout. We have a call with their management this Thursday to finalize any modifications before proceeding to the implementation stage. As soon as we are allowed, we will share photos of the robotic systems.

Aitheon has run a little behind in the timeline on the whitepaper. As such, we are doing everything we can to get caught up and moving forward. To do this, we will be pushing a code sprint. The team is traveling to India and will be in India until at least the 3rd week in November. Pulling together 54 developers from all different teams in aitheon, the code sprint will help complete action items for the Aitheon platform for release to enter into the SAAS sales phase. This push should put the project ahead of where we previously expected it would be.

The core functionality has been running for a long time. We realized in alpha testing that the platform was more functional than user friendly. Armed with this information, we have been able to develop these new changes (code sprint) will allow the human interface to be more user friendly. Functionality is essential but with this shift, we will take a step closer to a more friendly user interface.

With regard to the bounty distribution, we are still waiting on some people to complete their KYC information. All bounties will be distributed at one time. If you have been in communication with the team and are awaiting the distribution, please note that your information has been received and all cases will be completed at one time. This communication serves notice to all those who are waiting for the bounty distribution that you have until December 1st, 2018 to complete your KYC. If you have not completed your KYC by 9pm Eastern time, you will lose all rights to any bounty. At that time, we will complete the bounty distribution. IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE YOUR KYC, YOU FORFEIT ANY CLAIM TO ANY BOUNTY.

Aitheon will be unlocking the tokens after the code sprint, upon final updates to the billing exchange service.

With regards to exchanges, Aitheon appreciates your patience as this has been a journey. Aitheon is now announcing that it will list on some exchanges in December with continual exchanges being added thereafter. It is the goal of Aitheon to be listed on many exchanges. No, we cannot disclose the exchanges names, nor their corresponding date of listing.

Starting November 19th we will begin forming the community forums for their release in December. For the community forums to operate correctly, we will need community moderators. If you have specific communities that you would like to assist in moderating, please join the Aitheon Moderators Group Chat https://t.me/joinchat/HhYIUg8p3YOkN42iAvQFsQ . In that space, as a community, we will set the ground rules for the chats and appropriate community behaviors. If you are selected to be a moderator, you will be responsible for the administration and guidance of a specialized forum. Forum announcements will be made at the end of November. Forum moderators will need to sign an NDA and will be privileged to have inside information. The information MUST NOT be used for personal gain or others detriment.

The Creators Studio is almost ready to begin. In the last 2 weeks, the hardware and software teams have built ~32 new devices. The new devices are currently in small batch production. Once the small batch production is completed, likely within 6 weeks, the devices will be approved for the next stage of production. The second stage will see ~100 of each device produced and will be available for beta creators. Once the devices are vetted, we will approve large scale production which will include large orders, one for over 100k units for one client alone.

We truly appreciate your trust and confidence in Aitheon. The use cases for the tokens you have purchased are many and varied. We look forward to a long and fruitful business of improving the world. Aitheon believes people are the core of our company and each of their lives are constantly evolving and being made better through a digital ecosystem of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Now for my thoughts on Aitheon…

Now for my thoughts on Aitheon…

The most valuable information is free!

The most valuable information is free!